How can VirtualTax.Biz help my business?
Well that is up to you. We don’t walk in through the door and tell you what we do... We ask you what you want and listen to what you say. We can tailor our service to your specific business needs.
Come again? But you’re accountants!
That's correct, but both partners are passionate about customer service. We aim to deliver what you want and need. No more no less.
What can VirtualTax.Biz actually do?
Of course, as accountants we can take away the pain of your tax and accounting work. These compliance services underpin all that we do. Give us enough information to do the job and we’ll do it, leaving you free to get on with what you do best – making money for your business.
Is that it?
Absolutely not! As business mentors and advisors we encourage you to meet regularly with us. We don’t just review the numbers, but analyze what they mean for your business.  We help you look forward, not back.

You should also expect free newsletters, invites to workshops, seminars and business networking, regular reminders of deadlines and meetings to discuss your business.

So what can we do? Well all of or a combination of the following. The choose is yours.
Quarterly management accounts and business reviews
Annual statutory accounts
Personal and Business tax planning

Interested? Get in touch for a FREE no obligation meeting, just give our offices a call, email us