Step 1:
Review our Tax Preparation Checklist to get your information together.  Feel free to call us if you need help figuring out what information is relevant and what you can skip providing.  Once you got everything together.  Scan your tax forms.
Step 2:

Save your files and drop them into your account for us to retrieve.  You can also email the files to our secured email address.

Step 3: There is no step 3!

Once we get your files we will give you a call or email you to establish a free time to have a brief conference for us to get to know you and ensure we discussed all possible deductions as they may be relevant to your particular tax situation.  Your return  will be completed shortly after.  There is no step four.  We will inform you once your return was accepted.  In our email we will send you a link to the IRS' page that allows you to see the status of your return. 

In this process you spent no time doing this:


or this:             or this:
And instead you could be doing fun things like:
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